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Client Testimonials

Miriam & Marcos | May 28, 2021 | San Antonio, TX

“My husband and I can’t thank Abigail enough for making our wedding everything we ever dreamed of. She has excellent attention to detail and made sure everything ran smoothly. She always helped us think through ideas and figure out logistics. Most importantly, she was courteous and professional with our family and wedding party. We highly recommend hiring Abigail, she will treat your special day like her own and she will ensure that all you have to do is have fun and take it all in.”

Hannah & Rudy | January 23, 2021 | San Antonio, TX

"Months before our wedding, I was filled with many emotions, as many future brides are before their big day. Some of those emotions being excited, joyful, hopeful, and another a bit overwhelmed by the idea of planning every detail for our wedding. Thanks to Abigail, that emotion of being overwhelmed was immediately lifted. She planned with me every detail from the start of the day till the very end. She portrayed professionalism with every action and made sure all my ideas were valued throughout the planning process. The day of the wedding, Abigail beautifully executed every detail that was planned and discussed. I can not thank her enough for allowing my husband, myself , and my family to have a stress free day to celebrate our unity."

Priscilla & David | August 3, 2018 | San Antonio, TX

“Over the years, I have seen Abby excel in the various events she has planned. When I began my wedding planning, I immediately thought of Abby. She promptly set up a schedule of events so that I would have a good idea of what I needed to do and based on how far out my wedding day was. She proactively worked with me to make sure I hit each milestone before the wedding. She did a phenomenal job and as a result, the wedding day went smoothly. My husband and I are very grateful for the above and beyond job she did."

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